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Peter Lynn PLKB Skim 3.4M 3-Line Water Relaunch Trainer Kite Control Bar Bundle + Windbone Key Chain + Stickers - Kitesurfing Kiteboarding Power Foil Traction Kiting

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  • Peter Lynn PLKB Skim 3.4M - 3-Line Fixed Bridle Closed Cell Water Trainer Kite - Ultra High Quality Water Relaunchable Trainer Kite
  • PLKB Skim 3.4M Color: Blue / Black
  • 3-line fixed bridle closed cell water foil trainer kite complete with 3-Line control bar, lines, safety wrist leash system, manual, and bag
  • Includes Windbone Kite Items: WindBone Key Chain Fob + WindBone Decals

All New Peter Lynn PLKB Skim 3.4 (new for 2021)
3-line fixed bridle closed cell water relaunchable foil trainer kite complete with 3-Line Control bar, lines, leash, manual, and bag.

Complete Kite Package ready to fly with Control Bar, Lines, Safety Wrist Leash System, Manual, and Bag

The Peter Lynn Skim is a 3-line trainer kite that can easily be relaunched from land and from the water, making it perfectly suitable for those body dragging sessions to get used to controlling a kite while in the water.

The Skim offers an easy yet challenging learning curve perfect for those important first steps into this exhilarating world. Its superb flight characteristics and 3rd line safety make the Skim perfect to learn the basics in full control and confidence. The Skim flies easy in light winds so beginners can fly it with confidence, fly it in higher winds and experience the power and excitement of a real powerkite! Its stability and easy controls paired with its super durable construction ensure many hours of carefree kiting. The Peter Lynn Skim offers a fun and challenging learning curve towards mastering flying powerkites with a control bar both on land and in water.

Peter Lynn Skim 3.4m
Size: 3.4 sq-meter
Flying Lines: 20m : x2 : 150Kg + x1 : 100Kg brakeline
Color: Blue/Black

Bundle also includes::

WindBone Kiteboarding Lifestyle Key Chain Fob: Carry your keys in WBK WindBone style
(color may vary)

WindBone Kiteboarding Lifestlye Decals: Add some WBK style to rear car windows and let everyone know you're a kiteboarder..