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Phone Holder Made for PM5 Monitors of Concept 2 Rower, Skierg and Bikeerg - Silicone Smartphone Cradle Compatible with Concept 2 Rowing Machine. Ideal Rower Accessories

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Color: Yellow
  • Improved Design for PM5 Monitors: The ribs in the phone holder are designed to support the phone and prevent the power and volume buttons from being pressed. This is the product that’s been missing from your workout! Make your workouts more enjoyable by watching videos on your smartphone while you row, bike or ski! This product is compatible with the Concept 2 Rowing Machine, SkiErg and BikeErg PM5 monitors.
  • Fits Most Smartphones: The phone holder is made of silicone. Fits even the largest smartphones with protective cases. The cradle can be stretched 4" to fit most devices. Extra large phones might not fit with a thick phone case. It will also fit smaller smartphones.
  • Easy to Use: Flexible hook-like shape allows for tight hold of most smartphones. The product measures 5" x 3.75" x 2.75" and has a built in bridge to prevent the buttons from being pressed down. There’s no need to remove your protective case before using.
  • Patent Pending Design: The silicone smartphone holder slides on top of the compatible Concept2 PM5 monitor and fits snugly. It is reinforced at the back with a third rib for stability. This product comes in black, neon yellow, pink, khaki green or red and is made of high quality silicone.
  • Compatibility: Our phone mount compatible for the PM5 monitor from Concept 2. It will NOT fit on PM3 and PM4 monitors. It slides in easily, making it the perfect product to bring to the gym or use at home.

Product Description

Making Your Workouts More Enjoyable!

With the Vapor Fitness Phone Holder for the Concept 2 PM5 model, you can enhance your workout by attaching your smartphone just above the monitor for perfect viewing.

Watch anything from tutorials to get inspired, music videos to keep you motivated or your favorite guilty pleasure!

Get Vapor Fit with the newest addition to the VF collection!

Why is Silicone the Best Choice for Our Phone Holder?

Durable Material

Silicone is highly durable and retains its shape and flexibility in extreme conditions, making it a particularly reliable material for use in critical applications.


Can be recycled multiple times without losing much of its structural integrity. A great plastic alternative!

Easy to Clean

Made of food grade silicone, it can withstand high temperatures making it easy to wipe down and clean. Get away yucky germs!

Flexible and Secure

Ability to stretch or bend to be compatible with other products and have a grip to hold securely in place.

COLOR Yellow Pink Black Khaki Green Red
MATERIAL Silicone Silicone Silicone Silicone Silicone