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Portable Bidet Toilet Aid Bowl Sitz Bath Toilet Bowl Bidet Over-The-Toilet Perineal Soaking Bath High Standard Plastic, BPA Free

by Home++
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  • This Portable Plastic Bidet is ideal for ensuring cleanliness and hygiene wherever you go.
  • Personal cleaning made easy. Simply place on the seat or bowl of your commode and fill with warm water. A built-in holder keeps soap within reach and an integrated spout at the back allows for easy draining and disposal of water into the toilet.
  • The bowl is made from smoothly contoured plastic that can fit into any standard toilet, creating a bidet.
  • The Portable Plastic Bidet sits at an ideal height within your existing toilet to ensure that personal hygiene is easy and effortless for all users.
  • Home++ is professional in housewares. We pay most attention on product quality and customer service, if there is any issue, pls feel free to contact us.

Material: High standard plastic, BPA free.
Size: 15" x 13¾" x 3¾". Fits standard and elongated toilets.
Colour: white.

The Bidet is ideal to help you maintain personal hygiene more easily and is the best choice for homes where a full bidet is not suitable. The bidet is lightweight and portable so can be taken with you on trips away from home.

Manufactured using moulded plastic, the bidet has a smooth, seam free finish allowing for easy cleaning. Designed to fit on standard toilets and commodes, the bidet features sturdy outer lips to rest on the toilet bowl, a built-in soap tray and a convenient pouring edge for easy emptying. 

Benefits & Features
- Moulded, Seam Free Finish
- Easy To Clean
- Designed To Fit Standard Toilets
- Suitable For Commode Use
- Pouring Edge
- Built In Soap Tray