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Raddy CF2 Portable Camping Fan with LED Lantern Battery Powered Tent Light Camping Supplies Accessories Emergency Survival Kits Power Outage

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  • Versatile tent fan: It’s equipped with a ceiling fan and a camping lantern. The fan keeps you fresh with cool air and the lantern provides the lightning at night. With this 2 in 1 ceiling fan, you can have a versatile camping supply that can satisfy more than one need.
  • Powerful but quiet wind: The tent fan has two speeds to choose from: HIGH and LOW. You can adjust the speed according to what you need at the time. It makes a low noise that is less than 40dB and allows you to rest in relative peace.
  • Bright LED lantern: It also comes with LED lanterns to provide the lightning at night. With 18 bright LED bulbs it can light up an entire tent. Besides, it’s powered using D batteries. With enough battery capacity it will last more than 16 hours in high-speed and 24 hours with the light.
  • Lightweight but durable: The ceiling fan is light in weight to make traveling with it easier . The compact size makes it nice to keep with you throughout the entire day. With a sturdy frame it’s most ideal for outdoor use.
  • Hanging & Stand-up: The fan has a broad base with angle 360° at a tilt so that you can set it up anywhere you need it to be. It also features a hook on the top. This allows you to control the wind and light direction to match your position.

Product Description

Hanging & Stand-up Fan

There is a hook on the top. With the hanging design the air is circulated from above and the coolness can reach a wider area of the tent.

360° rotation

The fan is able to rotate 360° so that you can have multiple options on how to illuminate your camping tent.

Battery Operated

it’s powered using 2 x D batteries (Batteries are not included). With enough battery capacity it will last more than 16 hours in high-speed and 24 hours with the light.

Main Features Camping Fans + LED Lantern Built-in USB port, supports carrying up to 44lb/20kg of items. Easy to communicate with your family and workmate Power Bank, NOAA Weather Scan & Alert, FM/AM Radio Portable bluetooth speaker with low noise microphone 296Wh Backup Lithium Battery, Solar Generator for Outdoor Camping
Power Source 2 x D Cell Batteries (not included) USB Charging USB Charging, Hand Crank, Solar Panel, AAA Batteries USB Charging PD USB-C, Car Outlet, Solar Panel, Wall Outlet
Lightweight to Carry
Water Resistance
Battery Capacity 1,500mAh 2,000mAh 3,600mAh 80,000mAh