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Rikkitikki Lightweight Inflatable Sleeping Pad - Compact Camping Mat for Sleeping - Best Air Camping Mattress Pad for Backpacking, Camping, Hiking

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  • ✅ Lightweight and Warm: The backpacking sleeping pad for camping weighs only 20 oz and has an R-value of 2.4 which makes it one of the best warmth-to-weight ratio products in its class.
  • ✅ Big for Sleeping, Compact for Carrying: The size of an unfolded pad is 75 x 25 x 2 in. The sleeping mat easily folds down to 11 x 3 in.
  • ✅ Premium Quality Material. The ultralight sleeping pad for women and men is made of 75D woven polyester, a soft, plain-weave fabric. The material is more durable and not as slippery and noisy as nylon what makes this camp pad the best sleeping mat for camping.
  • ✅ Durable Multi-Purpose Valve. The compact sleeping mat is equipped with a reliable valve which lets you quickly inflate and deflate the camping mat. The system solves the problem of uncontrolled air exit – it won’t happen.
  • ✅ Lifetime Guarantee: We stand behind all of our products - if for some reason you don’t like it just contact us and we organize replacement or give your money back!

Product Description

Sleeping in a tent or a sleeping bag can be comfortable!

For lovers of active rest with a backpack, we offer the light, compact and comfortable RikkiTikki sleeping pad for camping. Our sleep pad for backpacking weighs only 20 ounces and can be easily folded to 11 x 3 inches. Sleeping on a durable inflatable camping pad lets you get some real rest, as our full air mattress doesn’t slide and the length fits most people (the size of the unfolded mattress: 75x25x2.5 inches) protects you from the cold and evens out all soil inequities. The camp mattress pad has a durable multipurpose valve which lets you easily and quickly inflate and deflate the camp mattress.

Unique technology – for maximum comfort

You will be able to use the RikkiTikki sleeping pad for adults anywhere. The covering of our camping pad is durable and doesn’t tear. The RikkiTikki sleep pad for camping is not made of nylon, but of 75D polyester ripstop TPU - a soft, thin, plain-weave fabric. Ripstop fabrics are woven and use a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping. One more important feature of the material used in the RikkiTikki inflating sleeping pad is improved thermo-isolation.

Using our sleeping pad for backpacking, you won’t be cold and will be able to get a good night’s rest when camping.

Flat valve

The flat valve is constructed in three parts: the first layer, which closes the valve completely, the second layer, which is where you can blow in or release small amounts of air with a push, and the final layer, which is how you deflate. Flat valve deflates very quickly due to the large open hole and fills up quickly.


Low-bulk materials make the air mattress one of the most compact mattresses ever – as packable as a water bottle.

Quilted Baffles

Quilted Baffles pad design utilizes both horizontal and vertical baffles to create small mattress-like pockets. This approach makes pads more stable, retain heat, and actually feel like a mattress.

Comfortable Design

2.5” - thickness, soft-touch fabrics and baffled internal structure provide unrivaled stability and support.

Warm Reflective Technology

Patent-pending, thermal reflective technology traps radiant heat while pad construction minimizes convective heat loss–all without the bulk, weight or durability issues of down and synthetic fills.