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SC SPORTCOUNT 200 Lap Counter Timer - Waterproof Swimming and Running Tracker Counts Total Laps, Elapsed Time, Split Time, Average Laps and More

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  • WANT TO STAY COMPETITIVE? This sports training device provides instant feedback on lap number, split time and total elapsed time. Helps you achieve your fitness and exercise goals!
  • STAY IN THE ZONE - Easy to use design keeps you focused and in tempo while working out, and lets you review your results right away or afterwards at your leisure. The pause feature lets you take a break without affecting your timing statistics
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Makes our product biomechanically better for tracking results while swimming, running, cycling, walking or even a during a triathlon.
  • NO MORE KEEPING COUNT IN YOUR HEAD - Track both your time and lap count with this waterproof lap counter. Includes pause feature, records and stores up to 200 laps and withstands water pressure up to 50 meters.
  • PERFORMANCE PROVEN DESIGN - It is the model serious competitors swear by. The best choice for swimmers, runners, bikers and triathletes who want the top of the line performance model!

Product Description

SportCount, the creator of the world's only one hand operated lap counters and timers

Revolutionary: Athletes just like you can get real time feedback on lap count and lap times without interrupting the natural flow of exercise.

Streamlined: Engineered to have a water resistant design so no activity is too rugged. 

Focus: Without the struggle of remembering what lap you are on, you can instead focus on what want without worry.

Gains: Designed, Tested and Proven to improve sports performance and have more fun while you're at it!

Trusted: Data collection and product refinement for over 20 years to result in a product athletes like you can Count on.


One hand operation and ergonomic design makes SportCount bio-mechanically better than conventional sports watches

Our versatile products can be used for all kinds of sports, including swimming, running, and cycling. Whether you are a beginning swimmer or an Olympic star, a mall walker or a marathon runner, a weekend warrior or a triathlete, we can help you find the perfect item for you!

SportCount products are also used in many non-sport activities where timing and counting are important, from the science lab, to cooking, to industrial applications.

SportCount's Chrono 200 LapCounter Explained


  • You never have to interrupt your body movements again!
  • There is no longer the need to look down to make sure you're hitting the right button
  • Adjustable snap strap to ensure it fits on any finger securely
Water Resistant
  • Withstands water pressure up to 50 meters!
  • No longer need to keep a counter by the pool or a sealed away in a bulky case
  • No need to worry about unpredictable weather interrupting you tracking your progress
Extensive digit counter
  • Counts up to 999 laps!
  • Accurately track times to 1/100 seconds
  • Never have to worry about going over digits allowed, thus having to restart the counter
Lap Information
  • Keep track of your Fastest, Slowest and Average laps!
  • Up to 200 individual laps
  • Split and elapsed times capable

Count on SportCount for Any Sport, Any Time, Any Where

Over 20 years ago SportCount introduced the first lap counter and timer that you wear on your finger. Since then our lineup of durable counters have been used by coaches, swimmers, runners, cyclists, motocross racers, triathletes, walkers and anyone else that wants to monitor their races or workouts. 

Our counters fit on your index finger and the one hand operation allows you to record your laps by simply tapping the button with your thumb so hitting the wrong button will never be a problem again!

The SportCount lap counter ring has a large button that's an easy target for wet fingers so when you're living life in the fast lane, it makes it easy to keep track of your laps.

This device is convenient and easy for dedicated swimmers. It can be easily gripped in the palm of the hand, and can be compared to the size of a thumb. It will give a detailed readout of the swim laps and/or times depending on what model is right for you!

One of many fantastic things about the tiny timer is that it liberates you from mentally counting laps by taking advantage of the easy, nearly reflexive movement of your thumb to help record the lap change. This means no more reach and pray!

SportCount's ring gives you instant, accurate feedback keeps you motivated for improved performance with ANY activity!