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SEQI Bike Pedals with Clips and Straps for Outdoor Cycling and Indoor Stationary Bike 9/16-Inch Spindle Resin/Alloy Bicycle Multi-Purpose Pedals

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$36.90 - $36.90
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  • ✅High Quality Material - Resin and alloy construction: For bike pedals with clips and straps, we use durable engineering resin and alloy which are considered for safe prblems.
  • ✅Pedal Specification: The pedals are 9/16 inch spindle. It is suitable for all 9/16 spindle bikes, including indoor exercise bikes and spinning bikes, as well as outdoor bikes. Pedal size: 9.5 cm long, 6.4 cm wide, clip size: 13 cm long.
  • ✅Excellent Control on Pedaling: Good metal grips on the bottom and nylon type straps on the top will keep your feet positioned just right on the pedals,excellent control while pedaling your bike.
  • ✅Safe Use : If you choose to put your foot in the non-cage side of the pedal, you run the risk of the cage hitting the ground, So you must be familiar with the pedals before use to ensure safety.

Why do you need this pair of Bike Pedals with Clips and Straps?
The statics shows that not all the people wear the antiskid shoes while riding, which is very dangerous especially in an aggressive riding in a rainy day. In this way, the bikes pedals with clips and straps were invented which helps people easily to get a powerful and effective pedaling.
And you don’t need worry about your feet slipping from your pedals so that you can pay more attention to your cycling.

Why you need a pedal with clips and straps rather than a lock pedal?
* You need to equip your lock pedal with a pair of lock shoes.
* Besides, it's much easier to remove your feet from the clips when it's time to stop and put your feet down, which is easy for most of people.
* In a word, it's much safer and more cost-effective.

The characteristics of our products:
*Made from resin and alloy Construction
*Solid and durable construction
* Pre-installed Toe Clips and Straps
* Easy to take your foot out in a quick stop
* Good metal grips on the bottom and nylon type straps on the top
* Stop your shoes slipping off the pedals
* Perfect for outdoors cycling, indoors stationary exercise bikes

Question about pedal thread direction: Right pedals are right-hand thread and left pedals are left-hand thread. And in this way they self-tighten as you ride, preventing you from falling off.

The package includes:
* A pair of pedals;
* A pair of straps;
* A pair of clips;
Attention please: Our pedals are 9/16” spindle bike . You will need an 1/2 inch adapter if yours is only adaptable for 1/2” pedal. Besides, it does take a little time for a new beginner getting used to when starting out.