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Snokel Mouthpiece Scuba Diving Snorkeling Octopus Silicone Regulator Mouthpiece Black Blue Orange with Regulator Tie

by OMGear
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Original price
$19.90 - $19.90
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Color: Orange&Blue
  • Material: Food grade quality silicone.
  • Great snorkel mouthpiece,fits for most snorkels.
  • Features: Easy to install, fits most regulators and snorkels, special design to reduce jaw fatigue.
  • Available colors: 1 pack blue and 1 pack orange. Black regulator tie are included.
  • Perfect replacement for scuba diving snorkeling snorkel. High quality, soft silicone, comfortable and durable.

Product Description

About OMGear

We are a manufacturer specializing in diving, surfing and swimming gears. In past 11 years, we have been making watersports gears for many well-known brands all over the world. Now we realize that we should make and sell our gears to end customers directly, then end customers can get our quality goods (same QC standard and technology as famous brands)

OMGear Scuba Mouthpiece for Snorkel or Regulator


  • Easy to install
  • Fits most regulators and snorkels
  • Special design to reduce jaw fatigue
  • High quality, soft silicone, comfortable and durable


  • Great replacement for your old mouthpiece
  • Silicone diving mouthpieces are accessories for diving equipment and free diving equipment.
  • Package:
  • 2 pcs set: 1 piece blue teeth and 1 piece orange teeth, with 2 pcs regulator tie
  • 6 pcs set: 3 pieces black, 3 pieces transparent, with 6 pieces regulator tie.

Feature of OMGear Silicone Scuba Mouthpiece

High quality silicone material

  • Food-grade elastic material, high-purity silicone, soft and comfortable, retractable material.

Special design- non slip

  • There are small dots on the bite of the bite, the granular design, non-slip, anti-fall, easy to bite.

International standard

  • International standard 3.5cm universal caliber, strong sealing, no leakage

Double insurance -- with tie

  • If the diving mouthpiece is equipped with a breathing tube or the regulator is loose, you can use the cable tie we give away so that it will not leak. It can perfectly connect with the snorkel and add double insurance for your safety.