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Snorkeling Gear for Kids Including Adjustable Fins + Dry Snorkel + Tempered Glass Lens Mask + Net Bag Age 5-12

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Color: Blue
  • 【One Size Fit Most】The diving mask with adjusted swivel buckles on the strap can be quickly adjusted to suit different diver’s head. Adjustable strap,randomly adjust the size,comfortable foot pocket with dual composite heel strap and easy-to-adjust buckles for maximum comfort. children universal size(US size: 1-4 =EU size :30-35).
  • 【180°Panoramic View Diving Mask】One piece glass design enables better and wider vision under water. qualified tempered glasses can withstand the water pressure while snorkeling and diving. Soft silicone skirt well sealed to prevent it from leaking, adjustable strap offer a just suitable wear experience.
  • 【Dry Top Diving Snorkel】The top has a splash guard and a float mechanism that prevents the entry of water when submerged. It allows drivers to take every breath with confidence and focus on the reef below without worrying about water in your airway, Food grade tasteless non-toxic mouthpiece won't cause bad smell or uncomfortable feeling.
  • 【Anti-slip Sole Humanize Blade】Soft, comfortable open-heel foot pocket with easy to adjust buckles designed to follow the kid’s growth. The dual composite blade provides excellent power and energy-saving. Easy-adjustable buckles with large-thumb-loop for easy donning and doffing.
  • 【Snorkeling Gear Bag】3 essential items in one quick-dry mesh bag, perfect for travel and recreational use. amazing low package for all four items and good for traveling.

The mask fit comfortably with its soft edges. The dry top valve did not allow water in while diving under the water. No water came in while waves splashed over top of you.
The silicone mouthpiece was comfortable even after hours of use. The lower purge valve worked flawlessly. Never had to come out of the water.
Just returned to the surface and if any water did come inside just give it a little push of air and it clears. The release buckle came in handy when done for the day and storing the gear in the mesh bag.
Equipped with the snorkeling fins with lightweight and compact short blade. The fins were a great fit and allowed a swift pace in the water. You could keep up with the schools of fish and just as was one of them lol.
Kids Snorkeling Packages for Children, Juniors, Boys and Girls Age 5-15. The highly adjustable flippers is suitable for teenagers universal size(US size: 1-4 =EU size :32-36).
The snorkeling kit includes mask fin snorkeling and carrying bag, which is a great choice for enthusiastic travelers.
Material: Tempered Glass Lenses + Silicone + Polycarbonate
Color: Blue/Orange
Fin: US size: 1-4 EU size :32-36, for boys and girls
Carton packing size:15x10x3 inchs(26X7X38.5cm)Weight:2.5 lb(1100g)
1x Diving Mask
1x Dry Top Snorkel
1 pair fins
1x Mesh Bag
1x Kids snorkel set manual