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Surfun Waterproof Dry Bag Dry Sack with Shoulder Strap for Camping Kayaking Hiking Boating Rafting Swimming Fishing Snowboarding Backpacking and Floating

Original price $22.90 - Original price $49.90
Original price
$22.90 - $49.90
Current price $49.90
Color: Pink
Size: 55 Liters
  • 100% waterproof Dry Sack with a fully adjustable and removable strap.
  • Made of Heavy duty and durable Vinyl for rough usage.
  • Protects contents from dust , dirt, sand and water,meanwhile,
  • Suitable for quick submersion and Floats safely if dropped in water


Summates has been dedicated into outdoor and Water leisure market more than 10 years. We have steadily increased our investments in design and product development to make the most innovative, benefit-rich products on the market today. With superior quality and competitive price, we are pretty sure that every customer gets satisfied for what they pay for our products.

Product Description

SurfunTM Dry Tube Bag is built to last and protects small precious things or clothes wherever water, dirt or sand is involved. This welded-seams Dry Sack is 100% waterproof, suitable for quick submersion and even floats when dropped in water. SurfunTM Dry Sack is also super durable and easy to clean,meaning it can take a bit of a beating.

Size Guide (Sealed Dimensions) :

5L : Height 7.2” x Diameter 6.7”, Bag opening:9.4” , weight: 8.8 oz , Circumference: 20.8”
10L : Height 14.5” x Diameter 7.5”, Bag opening:10.6” , weight: 11.6 oz , Circumference: 23.6”
20L : Height 16” x Diameter 9”, Bag opening:13” , weight: 14.2 oz , Circumference: 28.3”
30L : Height 18” x Diameter 10.6”, Bag opening:15.7” , weight: 18.2 oz , Circumference: 33.8”
40L : Height 20” x Diameter 12.2”, Bag opening:18.1” , weight: 21.4 oz , Circumference: 38.2”
55L : Height 24” x Diameter 12.2”, Bag opening:18.1” , weight: 24.4 oz , Circumference: 38.2”

Color Available: Black, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange