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Swatlo Hand-Made Archery Targets for Backyard, Antique Straw round Bow & Arrow Targets for Kids Youth Adult Indoor Outdoor Archery Shooting Practice

by Swatlo
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$67.90 - $90.90
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Color: 5 Layer Red
  • HAND MADE ARCHERY TARGETS - Made of biodegradable forage, Swatlo archery targets provide better protection & less damage to your arrows; Silk-made target surface - designed according to the Olympic Archery Games; Ideal archery targets for adult/youth/kids/beginners archery practice, perfect targets for bow and arrow; In addition, this beautiful archery target also can be used for your home/yard decoration
  • GRAB N’ GO - Just 5.5 lbs for 3 layer archery targets and 9 lbs for the 5 layer targets, lightweight to carry. The archery target is designed with a lanyard for carrying and hanging on a rope/branch/target stand, or just leaning it against the tree, perfect archery targets for the backyard
  • TARGET SIZE - 20 inches for both 3 & 5 layer archery targets; 2.4-inch thick for 3-layer archery targets and 4-in thick for 5-Layer archery targets. Perfect size for archery practicing and easy to be placed in your car with smaller space occupation
  • HOW TO CHOOSE - Based on a shooting distance of 25-35 yards with bows below 35 pounds, a 3-layer archery target is advised to choose; For bows that are more than 35lbs, the 5 layer archery targets couldn't be better
  • ORDER WITH NO WORRY - Swatlo has the confidence to make you satisfied with our high-quality archery targets, and If you have any questions about our archery targets, just contact us and trust we can reach a perfect

Product Description

Swatlo Hand-made Straw Archery Target deserves your attention!

Novice and professional archers alike must practice to maintain, improve, and fine-tune their skills.

When access to an archery range is out of reach, turning to a backyard archery target is a cheap, easy, and effective option.

The thing about archery practice is that you need to do a lot of it to maintain accuracy, which means that you need archery targets that can take a beating without beating up your arrows.

5 Layer-Red Archery Target

Why choose Swatlo?

  • Swatlo has a complete and scientific quality management system
  • Swatlo's integrity and product quality are recognized by the industry
  • Diameter: 20 inch
  • Thickness: 3.6-4.0 inch
  • Weight: 8.0 lb

Swatlo Traditional Straw Archery Target

Deeply loved by traditional bow and arrow archery enthusiasts

  1. Made of rice straw, less damage to the arrows
  2. Clear And Obvious Target Scoring Ring - easy-checking and convenient for your archery shooting
  3. Target Papers Can Be Attached to the silk-made target surface
  4. Ideal targets for youth/ adult/ juniors/ beginners archery practice
  5. Perfect Choice For Home Decoration - increase your entertainment of life, beautiful as an artwork
  • Harmlessly hold your arrows
  • Clear target scoring ring
  • Lightweight to carry
  • Suitable for both youth and adult

An archery target that WILL meet your need

How to choose suitable archery targets?

Based on the shooting distance of 20-30 yards

  • For bows below 35lb, 3-layer targets are advised to choose
  • For bows that more than 35lb, 5-layer targets are advised to choose

Features of Swatlo Archery Targets

20 Inch Hand-Made Archery Targets

  • Diameter: 20 inches of diameter for 3 & 5-layer archery targets.
  • Thickness: 2.1-2.4 inches for 3 layer targets, 3.6-4.0 inches for 5 Layer targets.
  • Target face can be attached

Less Damage & Better Protection

  • Made of rice straw, less damage to your arrows and friendly to the environment.
  • Provide better protection & less damage to your arrows

Lightweight & Convenient Use

  • Weighs just 5.5 lbs for 3-layer targets and 8 lbs for the 5-layer targets, very lightweight to carry.
  • Every target has a lanyard for hanging which can be hung anywhere you like

Please Pay Attention Before Start To Shoot

  • Please ensure no more targets like pedestrians or animals behind your archery targets before you start to shoot
  • Please DO NOT USE the broadhead blade arrow to shoot, which will possibly reduce the service life of your targets
  • Some kind of protective board are advised to be placed behind your targets for your arrows if you hang them on a wall
  • Please place your targets in a ventilated and dry place, avoid placing them in a damp place to prevent your target from being moldy.