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Synergee Pro-Style LAT Bar Cable Attachment. Universal Attachment for Cable Machines. Pull Down/Press down Bar Accessory. Available Sizes 24”, 34” and 38”

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Color: d) Angled 38 Inch Bar
  • ★ STRONG & VERSATILE ★ – Our Synergee Pro Style Lat Bar Cable Attachments are made with high-quality steel. On top of that, they are chrome-coated for rust resistance and to increase the longevity of your bar. The knurled outer handles and inner bar provides various no-slip grips to build your lats, traps, rhomboids, and serratus muscles.
  • ★ PRO-STYLE, ERGONOMIC DESIGN ★ – Your comfort is paramount! Each Synergee Pro-Style Lat Bar offers various grip options and a smooth-spinning attachment for seamless reps and uninterrupted range of motion. Of course, your muscles will still burn – but there will be no awkward cranking or squeaking from the equipment! The Pro-Style also offers handles on each end for comfortable, wide grip.
  • ★ UNIVERSAL ATTACHMENT POINT ★ – Our Synergee Pro-Style Lat Bar includes a point for attaching onto any cable machine that has a standard carabiner. Simply clip the carabiner through the attachment hole and get to work. It’s as fast and as easy as that!
  • ★ WHAT’S IN THE PACKAGE ★ – This Synergee Pro-Style Lat Bar Cable Attachment is 24” long straight bar with knurled handles on either side, knurled bar for narrow grip, and a rotating bracket to attach by carabiner to your Cable Machine. This bar weighs 8.5lb.
  • ★ NO SWEAT GUARANTEE ★ – Leave the sweating and swearing for your training! Buying from Synergee means quick, hassle-free, and caring customer service! Plus, we offer a better-than-money-back guarantee: if there is an issue with your product for any reason, we will send you a new one quickly and absolutely FREE! 100% Customer Satisfaction is our Number 1 Goal!

Build a bigger, better, stronger back with our Synergee Pro-Style Lat Bar Cable Attachments. We offer 4 different options of Lat Bars to hit your lats and target your traps, rhomboids, and serratus. Each Lat Bar is compatible with a Cable Machine that has a standard carabiner attachment. Clip in your Synergee Lat Bar of choice and get to work! Synergee Lat Bars come in three sizes: 38”, 34”, and 24”. The 38” bar is available in angled or straight; the 34” and 24” bars are straight. Each Bar has knurled handles on the ends for wide grip and a knurled bar in between for narrow pulldowns. Each bar is constructed with solid steel, finished with chrome, and fitted with a smooth-moving swivel. Built to last and constructed to give you the best back workout ever!