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Terrawest Core Quick Lock 320 Cm Avalanche Probe

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  • ✅ TERRAWEST CORE QUICK LOCK 320 AVALANCHE PROBE | 3 metre BC Standard probe for USA/Canada Ski Patrollers, built with TerraWest's Safety, Practicality and Innovation guidelines, this 320 cm probe is made for deep snowpack and harsh terrain.
  • ✅ QUICK LOCKING | TerraWest made it their mission to create a probe with speed and with an average deployment time of 9 seconds from quick release cover to a fully assembled probe and 18 seconds from ski backpack to assembled probe | TerraWest managed to achieve this by adding a quick automatic locking system to the top of the probe, this offers deployment in one motion.
  • ✅ RELEASE COVER | The TerraWest Core Quick-Lock Probe Series comes with a quick-assembly strap and release cover, making it easy to release the probe from your ski backpack and probe cover in One Motion.
  • ✅ MATERIAL COMPOSITION | Probe Pole Materials - Aluminium 7075 T6 - This aluminium material is light and stiff, making it a strong compansion for cutting through snow laters. Probe Tensioning System - Coated Steel cord - This cord has limited stretching and offers high rigidity, stability and robustness, making it the ideal tension cord.
  • ✅ TECH SPEC - 8 Segments | Length: 320 cm | Collapsed Length: 40 cm | Weight: 400 g | Diameter: 11mm