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The Atomic Bear Fire Starter Survival Tool - Parrafin Wax Infused Hemp Tinder Tube - Start a Campfire - Hiking Camping Gear Kit - Works with Ferrorod and Survival Lighter - 39" Long Wick + Firewand

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  • EASY IGNITION - ENDLESS FLAME Light with one spark from your ferro rod. Fluff the end of the wick, light and use your mobile flame as your multi-purpose fire starter
  • VERSATILE TINDER - Waxed hemp wick boasting a cumulative burn time of over 3 hours. 39 inches (100cm) of wick can be cut into multiple wicks for ease of use.
  • EXTINGUISH WITH JUST ONE HAND - Safely control your flame burn rate with just one hand. Extend the wick for a larger flame or retract back into the tube to completely extinguish your flame.
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Add this survival fire starter to your fire starter kit. Less than 1 ounce and fits into any pocket or pack. Use with The Atomic Bear Fire Spark Kit for a complete your hiking gear, camping gear and survival gear kits.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - We are proud to support you with our lifetime guarantee and product use education. Get to know us at The Atomic Bear.

Product Description

Fire Starter Kit
Weather Protection
High Quality

Be Prepared To Survive and Thrive

If you're like me, you are the type who likes doing things the right way. The Fire Wand is the fire starter tool that you have been looking for. Pull out your ferro rod or your lighter, light the hemp rope quickly and take your time to properly ignite your tinder.

Start Your Campfire Like a Wizard with the Atomic Bear Fire Wand

The paraffin infused hemp rope catches fire quickly once frayed and burns slowly but surely, giving you plenty of time and a generous flame to light the tinder. The Fire Wand tube protects your fingers while letting you insert the flame under your pile of wood without difficulty. To extinguish the flame, simply pull the rope inside the tube.

Premium Quality Hemp Paraffin Infused Rope

Your Fire Wand comes 36" of paraffin waxed hemp rope which can be cut to selected size wick. We source a high-density material for longer combustion. Here are the characteristics of the material:

  • Odor-free
  • Nine strands densely twisted for easy fraying while maintaining the rope integrity
  • Is NOT sticky
  • Compact and easy to roll
  • Easy to find replacements
  • Slow and steady burn time up to 180 minutes

Keep It Super Simple: Start, Use Multiple Times, Extinguish

Fray the hemp rope to be ready to ignite with one ferro rod strike

The very fine threads of the hemp rope lead to a high surface so that it catches a spark easily.

Ignite your Fire Wand and move the flame under your wood pile

No matter how you ignite yours, it will catch fire quickly!

When finished pulled the rope through the Fire Wand tube to extinguish quickly and safely

The flame extinguishes when the wick is pulled inside the aluminum tube.

The Fire Wand Can Help You Anytime You Need a Fire

Emergency fire kit

Start a campfire with confidence

Safely ignite fireworks

Home or chalet fireplace