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Thickened Steel Wide Grip Lat Pulldown Attachments V Bar, Close Grip Lat Pull down Bar Double D Row Handle Tricep Press down Bar Cable Machine Accessories, Cable Back Attachments for Home Gym

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Color: Long 33"
  • YIXUAN FITNESS bars more ergonomically correct and comfortable than other traditional round lat bar handles, focus on the targeted back muscle group.
  • Made of high-quality and 13mm thickness steel and coated with a super tough, washable, chip and scratch-resistant textured rubber 6mm thickness, Total thickness 19mm, Maximum load capacity is 1200 pounds, YIXUAN FITNESS lat pull down bar will not chip or scratch your expensive machines like conventional handles
  • Our pulldown bar handlebar grip are made from 1 inch diameter, 4 inch Length steel solid round rod, extra surface been impregnated with rubber, the actual handlebar grip diameter is 1.25 inch, Length is 4.5 inch, Provides a stronger grip.
  • Each of YIXUAN FITNESS handles is designed with function and aesthetics in mind, upgrade stainless steel eyelet universal attachment that makes it compatible with most cable machines.
  • Each YIXUAN FITNESS grip is tailored to specific back exercises, five lat bar available, Long 33 inch (neutral), Long 24 inch (neutral), Long 22 inch (neutral), Long 12 inch (supinate), Long 12 inch (pronate).

Product Description

Focus on the Back Targeted Muscle

In upper body muscle training, the back muscles are often the most neglected, one of the main reasons is the lack of new ideas in the design of back exercise equipment. YIXUAN FITNESS lat pull down bar can achieving an optimal back workout, it have revolutionised the resistance equipment accessory market, easy to understand and use.

YIXUAN FITNESS Tricep Press Down Bar LAT Pull Down Bar Cable Machine Attachment

Each YIXUAN FITNESS bars is tailored to specific back exercises, enabling you to keep proper form. With its unique palm support, it disperses the force of the back exercise throughout the entire hand, not just the fingers.

There are 5 unique grips in total, with three variations; neutral (palms inward), pronate (palms facing away) and supinate (palms facing towards you).

Easily Build Back Muscles

  1. Focus on the targeted muscle group, not grip strength.
  2. Ideal for rehabilitation and high-end club environments.
  3. Perfect for both the novice and highly trained athlete.

High-Quality Raw Materials and Exquisite Craftsmanship

Thickened Steel Plate

13mm thickened steel plate, additional 6mm thick rubber protective case, won't bend and longer life

Fat Grip

1.25" diameter steel solid round rod handle grips, provides a stronger grip, no need for gloves or straps

Stainless Steel Hook

Upgrade stainless steel eyelet universal attachment that makes it compatible with most cable machines

As we all know, weight determines the authenticity of raw materials, our lat bars stand the test of everyone

Wide Grip 33"

Net Weight: 11lbs (5kg)

Medium Grip 24"

Net Weight: 8.4lbs (3.8kg)

Medium Grip 22"

Net Weight: 8.4lbs (3.8kg)

Close Grip 12"

Net Weight: 7.7lbs (3.5kg)


  • 13mm thick steel plate base, high strength, strong bearing capacity, ensure your safety during high-intensity training (we put safety first)
  • Ergonomic fat 1.25" diameter handle grips, provides a stronger grip, more comfortable when training