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Ultra Light - 2Mm Dyneema Reflective Tent Guy Guide Rope - 200Kg Breaking Strain - Lengths in Meters - Suitable for Sailing, Dinghy, Yachting, Cruising, Racing, Kite Surfing (45)

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  • For those that haven't heard of this before, 2mm dyneema rope, stronger than kevlar.
  • 16 strand with polyester outer (the reflective part). This is because dyneema is extremely strong under tension, but not with abrasion, hence the polyester/dyneema gives the best of both worlds. Flexibility and strength. You can buy thinner weaker examples (say 0.75mm), but we prefer the marginal increase in diameter for the knowledge that you have the added strength in the bag. Approx 1.9mm diameter, very low stretch, 2.8g weight per metre.
  • For camping, standard or ultra light, you do not need thicker. The breaking strain is much higher than any tent can handle. If this snaps, please send us pictures of the tent in the morning if you can still find it! Please note, variations are in meters.
  • Reflective, so no more tripping over at night...hopefully. Extremely strong, as per above and very light. You spend a fortune on the best tents, equip it with the best guy lines.
  • Variations on the listing are lengths in metres.