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Under Door Draft Stopper – 3.5 Lb Door Draft Blocker Weighted with Ceramic Beads for a Tight Seal – Durable, Machine Washable Velvet Covered Draft Stoppers for Noise, Dust, Energy Savings by DECOREALM

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Color: Mocha
Size: 36
  • YOU NEED an UNDER THE DOOR DRAFT GUARD that stops drafts, DIRT, odors, and EXCESS SOUND & LIGHT in their tracks. BUT MANY door draft stoppers aren’t long enough to cover the open space above your threshold, or won’t lie flat against the door. At DECOREALM, we offer our WEIGHTED Door Draft Stopper in 3 LENGTHS to fit the exact width of your door – 30”, 32”, and 36” – to create a FIRM, TIGHT SEAL against unwelcome air, noise, dust, and smells.
  • THE IDEAL DRAFT STOPPER for bottom of door is heavy enough to CREATE A TIGHT SEAL – but other door snake designs often aren’t heavy enough to STAY SNUG against openings. Our door noise blocker is one of the HEAVIEST door air blocker s on the market, weighing 3.5 LBS compared to the average 2.2 lbs. Weighted with a DURABLE, long-lasting combination of 70% CERAMIC BEADS and 30% PP Cotton, our door blocker won’t spill dust or RESIDUE on your floor like other under door noise stopper s do.
  • TASTEFUL, HIGH-END DESIGN – With its classic, UPHOLSTERY-GRADE quilted velvet exterior, 100% cotton inner, and STRONG, STURDY SEAMS, this neutral window draft stopper is the perfect balance of quality CRAFTSMANSHIP, durable materials, and sleek design, for an under door draft blocker that complements any DECOR STYLE. Our door draft guard ’s INVISIBLE ZIP cover zips off easily for MACHINE WASHING.
  • INTUITIVELY DESIGNED for EASE & CONVENIENCE – Our patent-pending door sound blocker is the 1st single cylindrical door draft stopper to be sold online in the USA. This unique, VERSATILE design stays firmly in place, whether you use it for your FRONT DOOR, WINDOWS, SLIDING GLASS DOORS, or double doors! Our door blocker for bottom of door features a convenient DOUBLE SATIN CORD so you can HANG IT in the closet or on a coat rack or door handle when not in use.
  • AT DECOREALM, WE PRIDE OURSELVES on developing one-of-a-kind household tools with INTUITIVE DESIGNS and OUTSTANDING QUALITY & CRAFTSMANSHIP. This door gap blocker is made to help BLOCK DUST & NOISE, reduce wasted heat and air conditioning, and SAVE on household ENERGY COSTS. Our line of tasteful, quality-crafted bottom door draft stoppers, door stoppers, doormats, and dispensers help you create a SAFE, FUNCTIONAL & STYLISH HOME for your family.

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