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Utopia Kitchen [12 Pack Flour Sack Tea Towels, 28" X 28" Ring Spun 100% Cotton Dish Cloths - Machine Washable - for Cleaning & Drying - Orange

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Color: Light Grey
Size: 24 Pack
  • VALUE PACK : The 12-pack provides you with ample flour sack towels for all your household needs for today, tomorrow; and the future! With the perfect size of 28 x 28 inches, anyone can handle these towels with ease!
  • COUNTLESS USES : Due to being highly absorbent, these towels are great for drying hands, wiping stains, cleaning windows, as cheese strainers, salad spinners, dish rags, as cloth diapers, sweating out vegetables and also for embroidery or needlework. As good as having a magic wand in your hands! Use them on Halloweens and as an alternative to paper towels and show your love for the environment
  • LONG-LASTING MATERIAL : Manufactured using 100% Pure Ring Spun Cotton, and knitted in a diagonal fashion, the soft and absorbent fabric makes these towels quick drying, highly absorbent and high in quality
  • EXPERTLY DESIGNED : Lightweight and lint-free, the professionally hemmed edges are carefully graded for quality control, and product durability; helping the towels last for all your needs in the long run!
  • MACHINE WASHABLE : Easily washable, the towels maintain an excellent quality even after multiple washes! Will resist shrinking and minimize lint. Use these towels over and over again! This also helps reduce the use of paper towels! Washing your towels before using them for the first time will help set the color, improve absorbency and reduce lint

Product Description

Create a Clean & Hygienic Kitchen Lifestyle

Whether you are a professional chef, a homemaker, hospitality worker or an amateur, our 100% Ring Spun Cotton flour sack dish towelssatisfy a multitude of needs. Due to their undyed, absorbent and lint-free nature, they work great as stain removers while retaining their reusability.

Delivering an Unmatched Experience

Flour sack towels have been in the industry since 19th and early 20thcentury, aiding you in getting your day-to-day tasks done easily without any hassle. The tea towelsare meticulously designed to serve you with the best household solution from window cleaners to salad spinners.

Easy Care Guide

The Utopia kitchen towels set can be machine washed with cold water and tumble-dried on low. It is recommended to use a light detergent. Lastly, Avoid using bleach, fabric softener, chemical, or iron on the towels.

Utopia Collections

Quantity Available in 6, 12 & 24 Pack Available in 6,12,24,300 Pack Available in 24 Pack Available in 6 ,12 & 204 Pack Available in 12, 24 & 60 Pack Available in 24 pack Available in 2 pack
Material 100% Cotton 100% Cotton 100% Cotton 100% Cotton 100% Cotton 100% Cotton 100% Cotton
Size 28 x 28 Inches 15 x 25 Inches 16 x 19 Inches 15 x 25 Inches 12x 12 Inches 16 x 27 Inches 21 x 34 Inches
Usage Cooking, Serving and Cleaning Washing and Drying dishes Clean up Bars and Tables Cleaning, Pot-holding, Cooking Hotels, Spas, and Gyms Drying hands and body Keep floor clean and Soak up
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