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WEYLAND Survival Settlers Tool Bushcraft Hand Auger Wrench - Bushcraft Gear and Equipment Scotch Eye Wood Drill Peg and Manual Hole Maker Multitool for Camping, Bushcrafting and Outdoor Backpacking.

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  • The Ultimate Survival Tools - This Hand Auger might be the most important piece of survival gear and equipment you own. Making an emergency shelter is a breeze with our bushcraft gear Settlers Wrench.
  • Bushcraft Tools and Camping Tools - Carry this outdoor bush craft wood auger when you're outdoors camping, hiking, backpacking, bushcrafting, EDC or building with primitive cabin tools in the wild.
  • Scotch Eye Wood Auger Hand Drill- The first step is turning the 1 inch wood auger drill bit where you want a hole (Use a stick through the eye for leverage making the scotch eye auger drill simple).
  • Peg Maker - Another part of this survival multitool is the peg tool. The scotch eyed auger is has a cutting point for a peg wrench. Hammer into a branch for a peg the same size as the wood auger bit.
  • Camping Survival Gear - Throw it in your bushcraft backpack as your ultimate bushcraft tool over other manual primitive tools and bushcraft survival tools. Even comes complete with a leather sheath!
  • Recommended for soft wood / green wood projects such as fish traps, chairs, mallets, ladders, maple syrup taps and most importantly, Survival Shelters

Product Description

The WEYLAND Outdoors Settlers Tool

The WEYLAND Outdoors Settlers Tool Wrench and Hand Auger is a GAME CHANGING outdoors survival multitool for Survivalist, Homesteaders, Bushcrafters, Hikers or Campers. With this Bushcraft Survival Tool you can build anything from camping tools, to traps, to outdoor primitive shelters - even a settelers cabins with furniture - all with one lightweight and easy to carry bushcraft tool that has infinite uses! This scotch eye auger hand drill doesn't just make holes, but ALSO makes a peg the exact size to fit the drilled hole so you'll never run out of cordage again! This bushcrafting tool really shines for soft wood and green wood working projects.

Full Functionality

Custom Peg Maker

What makes this hand wood auger unique is that the handle is tapered down to a sharp point that will cut a perfect inch diameter peg when pounded into the end of a tree branch,

Wood Auger Bit

The wood auger bit itself is made to drill a one inch hole that is the same diameter of the peg. It's made of high carbon steel and sharp right out of the box.

Thick Pass-through Handle

An additional design feature of the handle piece is that it is capable of passing a stick or branch all the way through it. This allows you to turn the auger with more leverage making its easier to drill out that perfect hole.

Split Leather Sheath

To top things off we even include a nicely stitched split leather sheath with a belt loop, keeping this unique tool well protected and always at the ready.

Find a stick a little larger than the peg-maker.

Using a large stick, hammer the peg-cutter into the branch.

Peel away the excess wood to reveal a perfect peg.

Pass another stick through the handle and drill out your hole,

The hole ends up the same diameter as the peg.

Lastly fit your peg into the hole for a perfect joint.

Included: Survival Guide PDF!

We will also include a link to download our 90 page Survival Guide packed full of useful and practical information for any survival situation. Information like: Building shelters, finding and purifying water & and how to find different food sources!