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Wirk Ride Exercise Bike Workstation and Standing Desk

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Style: Model 2449
  • Doubles as workout machine and standing desk
  • Bike for lower-body exercise
  • Adjustable strength System arms add upper-body workout capabilities
  • Workout monitor tracks time, speed, distance, calories and total distance; Use Scan function to see all
  • Free online access to 2 on-demand workout videos

From the manufacturer

Wirk Ride Exercise Bike, Workstation & Strength System

Pedal, push and pull your way to fitness with the Stamina Wirk Ride with Strength System. This intuitive piece of equipment packs the perks of a regular recumbent bike with the added upper-body resistance bands, making it ideal for a total-body workout. Even better, you'll maintain productivity during exercise - the flat workstation comes with a drink holder, laptop strap and tablet stand. The walk-thru design allows for easy access, even for those with limited mobility.

The adjustable Strength System arms allows you to execute a wide variety of exercises. Simply unscrew the back pin and pull to adjust the angle.

After you're done, the Wirk Ride folds for easy storage.

Use the built-in upper body resistance bands for exercises like chest press, curls, tricep extensions and flies.

Padded handles keep your hands comfortable during exercise.

Simply unscrew the pin and pull for a wide variety of resistance band arm configurations.

Turn the resistance dial to customize between the eight levels of pedaling resistance.

Toggle the switch to adjust distance of the workstation.

The padded seat and handlebars provide lasting comfort during any workout.

Textured pedals keep your feet stable and secure while pedaling.

Fold your Wirk bike for easy storage.