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Wound Swimming : Healing with Psilocybin, Ceremonies & Micro-Dosing

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Wound Swimming was written to be used as a guide book for how to use and integrate psilocybin mushrooms for deep healing and ceremony. The term was given to me by my ancestors when I was deep in the veil unraveling hidden wounds in the depths of my psyche. This book can be a good resource if you are new to Psilocybin and curious about using it in a ceremony setting. This is not a medical book. This book was written from my personal experiences of deep transformation and healing with Psilocybin. I share about how to prepare for a ceremony and the many different elements that can effect your healing experience. How to take them, how much to take and the different strains of Psilocybin. What to expect, how to do “wound swimming” and how to ground yourself back to earth. In this book you will also find a specially curated playlist that I created specifically for “wound swimming”. I talk about micro-dosing and share my experiences with it and what has been working for me and how to micro-dose. If you are looking to grow mushrooms or where to find them in the wild, this is not your book. If you are looking for studies and scientific facts, this is not your book. If you are looking for a simple guide book for how to use Psilocybin for healing, this is your book.