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Wwww Pido Yoga Towel Non Slip Sweat Absorbent Towel Convenient Widened Folded Fitness Blanket with Bag 72"X26" (Xiaritianxin)

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Color: Xiaritianxin
  • Microfiber
  • ❤Super Absorbent : 100% Microfiber Material with digital Printing which is both soft and moisture winking, great for absorbing sweat sessions like Bikram, hot yoga & Pilate, and keeping your yoga mat underneath clean and dry.
  • ❤Intimate Craft:professional cape angle, easy to lay, help to stabilize the solid type; knit seaming, no spinning, extend the life of the mat
  • ❤Multi Purpose Towels for All Activies: bring your Yoga Mate towel everywhere, It’s super lightweight, easy to pack, and dries fast - perfect for pilates, exercise classes, the gym, showering, camping, travel, beach, and more!
  • ❤Multiple Options:beautifully and gorgeous patterned, spread on the public mat, fashion and hygienic, It is best gift for Christmas Holiday
  • ❤Care Instructions: Machine washable with cool water and hang dry,do not iron regular dry cleaning, tiled to dry, low temperature ironing

Product Description

Yoga towel is a kind of mat can be laid in matching use, do yoga on top, can reduce the contact with yoga mat, make yoga mat lasting use, as clean as new.It can also be used alone, but with poor comfort and easy sliding.

100% ultrafine fiber laying towel, using international high-tech nanometer ultrafine fiber DTY (density 0.1Dtex, fineness is only 1/10 of silk) woven, water absorption and dust absorption rate is 10 times of 100% cotton laying towel, durability is 4 times of 100% cotton laying towel.Soft feel, comfortable, bright color, no bacteria, no odor, no ball, no hair, no drawing.

Product brief introduction

The material of this product is mainly kam polyester fiber(Nylon 20% polyester 80%), the total weight is less than 1 pound, spread out the area for 72 x26 inches, absorbent non-slip products, environmental health, we use the high-temperature sterilization process, not add harmful chemicals, each yoga shop towel is a soft, smooth and at the same time we add multiple patterns through digital transfer printing technology, make it become more beautiful

Plug in design

When it is spread on the yoga mat, cover the corner of the top cover so that it is integrated with the yoga mat.

Environmental safety

We use high temperature sterilization process, without adding any harmful chemical agents, no odor, no poison, to ensure your health.

Elegant side whipstitch

In order to extend the product life and prevent wire drawing, we add a lock technology on the edge of the product to make it last longer.

Packaging information

Buy products to give away a special storage bag, so that you can carry more convenient.

Product brief introduction

This product is made of nylon and polyester fiber (polyamide 40% polyester 60%), the weight is about 1 pound, the area is 72*24 inches after spreading, the overall texture of this product is comfortable, simple and generous, excellent anti-skid performance, large proportion of polyamide fine fiber makes it more soft and delicate, skin-friendly and durable

Environmental protection

High temperature sterilization process, large proportion of nylon fine fiber, easy to clean, resistant to dirty and durable.

Plug in design

Place the towel over the yoga mat so they blend together, without sliding off and so on, and the use effect is better.

Elegant side whipstitch

The design of overlock technology makes the whole product icing on the cake and increases the service life of the product at the same time.

Packaging information

Buy this product as a gift bag, so that you can take it wherever you go.

SIZE 72"X24" 19.7*1.97 4"x6"x9" 72"X24" 72"X26" 72"x26"
Thickness 6mm 1.1mm 7mm 1.5mm 6mm
Body straightening line Someone Someone
advantages High-end quality yoga mat,Non-slip and waterproof,wear-resisting,Appearance simplicity Suitable for all parts of the body exercise Practice yoga in winter, Won't be cold It looks better and more beautiful, more thin, belongs to the advanced yoga mat, suitable for senior yoga enthusiasts Tpe upgrade, the integration of suede material, make the appearance more beautiful, water absorption and anti-skid Special sticky non slip texture on both sides and density higher than ordinary yoga mats, provides excellent traction and superior grip, best suitable to practice many forms of yoga