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XBSLJ Vibration Exercise Machine Fitness Vibration Platform Whole Body Vibration Platform 99 Speed ??Adjustable Fitness Platform with Remote Control and 2 Resistance Bands Home Training Equipment

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  • WHOLE BODY SHAKING: The vibration platform uses your body reflexes to exercise your muscles in a convenient way that doesn't require you to get out of breath.The vibration platform works best when you're in a stressful position, like a squat posture and your muscles are working to keep you in that position.your muscles automatically move a small amount to keep you in that posture, thus exercising your muscles in a truly efficient way.
  • ULTRA QUIET: Powerful motor to create high frequency vibration movements and guarantee extremely silent operation.Allow you to train and improve your body shape while watching TV programs at home or in the office, relax and improve work efficiency, without disturbing someone around you.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Designed with a portable remote control for easy vibration speed control and physical menu management.It's easy for you to customize the training modes as you wish.Compact design and super mini size.Save space, it is portable to take wherever you want to go.
  • REMOTE CONTROL AND DIGITAL DISPLAY: Keep track of time, speed, intensity level and calories burned on the fully digital LCD display.Adjust the intensity of the vibration, the training time, the type of vibration and the automatic programs with the fully functional remote control included.
  • FRIENDLY DRAWINGS FOR THE USER: The easy-to-use LED screen shows the time and speed to conveniently adjust the intensity of the workout, while the free remote control allows users to control the time, speed and activation / deactivation without any additional effort, the non-foot feet together with multi-circuit protection system add additional safety.

Whether at home or at work, this vibrating plate for fitness vibration makes it easy and cheap to do an effective exercise, a full body fitness massage and burn extra calories while watching television, reading a book at home or working in the office , etc..
The powerful vertical vibrations will help you improve circulation as you slim down your life and firm tush at the same time.Constant 10-minute workouts are enough to start feeling fantastic and loving your body.