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XBSLJ Vibration Exercise Machine Home Workout Vibration Platforms - Updated Full Body Vibration Plates with 2 Ring Resistance Bands Home Fitness Equipment for Weight Loss and Body Toning

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  • EASY TO USE AND HIGH QUALITY: the weight plates built in 6 modes which include 1 manual mode and 5 automatic modes to meet different needs.The speed of this fitness plate can be adjusted from 1 to 99 by easily clicking on the remote control button.ABS shell for strength and sturdiness, ergonomic design, antistatic and anti-overload devices, load capacity up to 330 lbs.
  • LOSE WEIGHT BURN THE FAT AND BUILD THE MUSCLE machine: The weight loss vibration machine creates a high frequency vibration that obtains the effect of shaping and toning the body.This means that due to the fitness equipment, the muscles contract involuntarily, thus creating the effects of exercise without the effort of conventional exercises.
  • IMPROVE HEALTH: the training equipment of the vibrating machine for home training offers a new and effective way of training for the whole body.Ideal for improving circulation, muscle strength, sports training, cellulite reduction, muscle building.Improve your health and free yourself from a hard day's work.Just 10-15 minutes a day, they bring you into a new and high healthy life.
  • LCD DISPLAY AND REMOTE CONTROL: This whole body training system has an LCD display to see the time and intensity of the workout.Press the button to change intensity, time and mode.There is also a remote control that you can use to control the time, speed and intensity of the workout.
  • DETACHABLE RESISTANCE BANDS AND STRONG SUCTION RUBBER FEET: These vibration plates for home use include a detachable resistance band.The extension of the straps in different positions works on different muscle groups, pushing the muscle fibers further for the growth and toning against the resistance of the straps.Equipped with 4 non-slip feet that have vacuum suction and protective rubber surface to prevent it from slipping during training.

Whether at home or at work, this vibrating plate for fitness vibration makes it easy and cheap to do an effective exercise, a full body fitness massage and burn extra calories while watching television, reading a book at home or working in the office , etc..
The powerful vertical vibrations will help you improve circulation as you slim down your life and firm tush at the same time.Constant 10-minute workouts are enough to start feeling fantastic and loving your body.