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XBSLJ Vibration Trainers Ultra Thin Vibration Plate Power Plate Vibration Fitness Plate Lose Fat and Tone Ease of Storage Whole Body Shape Exercise Machine Weight Loss Home Exercise Equipment Purple

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Size: Pink
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: the copper motors support UP-DOWN vibrations, the durable ABS body with non-slip platform and basic suction, create a safe operating condition and give you an excellent fitness experience.
  • LATEST IN VIBRATION PLATE TECHNOLOGY - Silent vibration motor for silent fitness training in a super thin plate that you can hide
  • LOVE YOUR BODY AND YOUR TRAINING - Huge non-slip surface for an effective exercise that you will enjoy!Easily position yourself and prepare for the deepest vibration experience you've ever experienced.
  • FITNESS OPTIONS YOU WILL USE - Feel the power of vibration of vibration speed.The integrated programs will keep your guessing muscles and your workouts interesting.
  • IMPROVING GENERAL FITNESS - With programs suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness levels, the included exercises have all been selected to help shape the muscles and improve general fitness.

Whether at home or at work, this vibrating plate for fitness vibration makes it easy and cheap to do an effective exercise, a full body fitness massage and burn extra calories while watching television, reading a book at home or working in the office , etc..
The powerful vertical vibrations will help you improve circulation as you slim down your life and firm tush at the same time.Constant 10-minute workouts are enough to start feeling fantastic and loving your body.