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XZZ Stair Stepper for Exercises-Stepper with Resistance Bands and Weight Capacity,Exercise Equipment Climber for Losing Weight Mini Stepper,Use by Adult & Kid & Teenager

by Jim Qin
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Color: White
  • Healthy and good body: scientific design, small and quiet, with elastic band, thin legs, and fascinating curves anytime, anywhere. The silent stepper returns your true colors and wants you to look good!
  • Fearless venue: rainy, smog, too many people in the gym? Exercise at home anytime, anywhere, and even exercise while chasing dramas/watching variety shows. Exercise is so relaxing!
  • Take care of your knees: Keep your feet on the pedals, effectively reducing sports injuries, running and other aerobic exercises. If your posture is not correct, your knees are easily injured. The damage of the stepper to the knee is much smaller than other sports!
  • Simple and easy: one stepping and one stepping exercise mode, the amount of exercise is moderate. Different from other complex equipment training, all you have to do is to step down, the method is simple, and you will not give up because you are too tired. Even your upper body can do other exercises.
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Name: Silent Fitness Multifunctional Stepper
Product advantages: strong and durable metal steel frame, dual hydraulic rod design, LED screen can display the number of steps, calories burned and other functions
Weight limit: 100KG
Product composition: 80% steel, 20% polypropylene
1. Dongyueshi Mini Stepper is suitable for occasional use (25-30 minutes each time, 2-3 times a week). Warm up for 3 to 5 minutes before each use (beginners can extend the warm-up time). If the warm-up time is not long enough, the body is more susceptible to injury and fatigue. Stretch and recover after exercise.
2. In order to obtain a more ideal fitness effect, you can rotate your hips to exercise your waist and