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YBEKI Bike Pedals with Toe Clip and Straps, for Exercise Bike, Spin Bike and Outdoor Bicycles, 9/16-Inch Spindle Resin/Alloy Bicycle Pedals, Half Year Warranty

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  • ☆ HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - resin and alloy Construction: For bike pedals with clips and straps, we use durable engineering resin and alloy which are considered for safe prblems.1 extra pedal strap as a gift.
  • ☆ PEDAL SPECIFICATIONS - Our pedals are 9/16 inch spindle. It is suitable for all 9/16 spindle bikes, including indoor exercise bikes and spinning bikes, as well as outdoor bikes. Pedal size: 10 cm long, 6.5 cm wide, clip size: 13 cm long.
  • ☆ SAFE USE - Aluminum Alloy Body and Sturdy Resin Cage.If you choose to put your foot in the non-cage side of the pedal, you run the risk of the cage hitting the ground, So you must be familiar with the pedals before use to ensure safety.
  • ☆ EXCELLENT CONTROL - Good metal grips on the bottom and nylon type straps on the top will keep your feet positioned just right on the pedals. With NAMUCUO bike pedals, you can have an excellent control while pedaling your bike.
  • ☆ QUALITY GUARANTEE,6 MONTH WARRANTY. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the purchase you have made, do not hesitate to email us, We will prepare you as soon as possible to solve any problems for you until you are satisfied. Or you only have to return the product for a full refund.

Product Description

Professional Bicycle accessories Brand

YBEKI is a brand specializing in the production of high-quality bicycle accessories and repair tools. Brand content includes — bicycle tool kits, bicycle seats, bicycle seat covers, bicycle pedals and various essential products for bicycle riding. We pay attention to product quality and the details of each product. Provide high-quality products for bicycle lovers!

Installation process

Please pay attention to the (R) and (L) marks on the two pedal spindles before installation. (R) is the right pedal of the bicycle, (L) is the left pedal of the bicycle. Wipe some lubricating oil before installation to make the installation smoother.

Clips and straps

The pedal With clips and straps can save energy during riding and make your riding easier. But it should be noted that it is recommended not to use straps and clips on complex road sections, because there are more emergencies on complex road sections. Factors that cause insecurity. For your safety, you can disassemble it when you don’t need to use it. The disassembly is very simple.

Adjust the required tightness before use

Before using this pedal, adjust the strap to the proper tightness in order to get the best riding experience. In addition, we also equip this pedal with a spare strap.