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YEFU Plastic Adirondack Chairs Weather Resistant, Patio Chairs 5 Steps Easy Installation, like Real Wood, Widely Used in Outdoor, Fire Pit, Deck, Lawn, Outside, Garden Chairs (Cream White)

Original price $223.90 - Original price $246.90
Original price
$223.90 - $246.90
Current price $246.90
Color: Teak
  • ☘️【WHY CHOOSE US?】: You can get a great Adirondack Chair at the same or lower price. Our purpose is to let more people use chairs with high cost performance. On your patio lawn, the appearance may be the same, but our attention to detail and material selection will be higher.
  • ☘️【PROPER PROTECTION CAN BE USED FOR 10 YEARS】: HIPS material newly upgraded from PS material has strong wind and rain resistance, and is better in color firmness. Easy to clean and Low maintenance cost. It does not need to be colored every year like wood.
  • ☘️【ASSEMBLING ADIRONDACK CHAIR CAN BE SO EASY?】Adirondack chairs after a reasonable design, only 6 assembled modules, 5 steps can easily complete the installation, with electric screwdriver 15 minutes to get a beautiful chair. Deviation for all reserved hole positions is≤0.019in. Easier assembly enables you to handle it all by yourself and saves more time for your family!
  • ☘️【CHOOSING PLASTIC ADIRONDACK CHAIR - I NEED CARE ABOUT HEALTH PROBLEMS? 】By adopting New HIPS composite plastic material with exclusive formulation, isolated from static electricity to bring bad mood and other discomfort, no hair and dust adsorption. Stay away from skin diseases. Without dust, look cleaner.
  • ☘️【USING LIFE IS LONGER MEANS SAVING MORE MONEY, THE SAME PRICE HERE TO GET A BETTER ADIRONDACK CHAIR SET】Through 9 years of experience in R&D and production, we developed HIPS composite material "YEFU-WOOD". Each plastic plate can withstand 400lbs heavy duty strength, 1.2 times of PS and 2 times of HDPE. The load capacity reaches 350lbs, the weight is 30 lbs. Upright legs make chair easy handling and sturdy.
  • ☘️【SEDENTARY NOT TIRED, ENJOY YOURSELF ON PATIO OR DECK AT COZY AFTERNOON】Adirondack chair is designed ergonomically. The curved and lengthened chair back effectively release spinal pressure and relieve fatigue. 103°elevation allows sitting design deeper, which easily fit for adults, tall and obese people More comfortable when sitting. The armrests are wide enough to place commonly used style cups and plates.
  • ☘️【WE ARE NOT NO.1, SO WE WORK HARDER, EFFICIENT SOLVING AFTER-SALE PROBLEM WITHIN 24 HOURS】We equip our outdoor chairs with a 10-member customer service team and 2 modern factories. To earnestly and effectively solve the problems, we will render you a solution within 24 hours. No boring details, but more convenient.
  • ☘️【OUR GOAL-TO MAKE EXCELLENT OUTDOOR CHAIRS】we hope you have a great experience!

Product Description

In order to better protect the forest ecology, we have developed recyclable HIPS Adirondack chairs. " RAINFOREST '' series is a very classic style.

They are very suitable for use on the lawn, beach, by the lake, or in the yard. Once you’ve slid into an Adirondack chair’s natural recline, it’s hard not to close your eyes and doze.

Adirondack chairs as a main investment in backyard seating, what materials can be chosen from? What's the difference between them?

  • HIPS: High Impact Polystyrene. The composite material, which increases the impact resistance and color stability on the advantages of PS material and is not easy to deform, is a comprehensive upgrade of PS material.
  • PS: Polystyrene (poly lumber), looks and feels like real wood. It is little affected by the weather. Low maintenance, recyclable. Its service life is 10 times that of wood, and is more durable.
  • HDPE: Polyethylene (poly lumber), feel like waxy, high static electricity, not look like wood. So heavy, elastic but it may be deformed over time. Low maintenance and more durable than wood.
  • Wood: Natural, poor stability, annual maintenance, not durable, easy to peel and crack.

YEFU Adirondack chair

We are a company with many years of design, production and supply experience, serve many furniture brands all year round. After 10 years of development, we have created the brand "YEFU". Hope to bring you surprises and trust through hard work and innovation.

Material characteristics:

High Impact Polystyrene composite material, through the improvement of PS, the sunlight resistance, color firmness, and impact resistance are upgraded.

  • It looks like real wood, not easy to peel and crack, and has a realistic annual ring texture and feel.
  • Low static electricity.
  • Waterproof, not easy to rot.
  • All weather. It is very resistant to wind, snow, severe winter, sunlight, salt water, etc.
  • If it is well maintained, the chairs will last longer if they’re put in storage or covered in the winter. It has the potential to last 10 years or more.

Wide and comfortable armrest!

The wide armrest can hold plates and cups. If you don't have a side table, it's definitely a good temporary place.

Simple structures but have 350 lbs of high load-bearing:

We hope to give you a more concise, beautiful and strong chair. Therefore, the cumbersome rear support is removed, and make installation easier. Through the unremitting efforts of the designer and the strict selection of materials, we finally realized it.

Large arc chair back, all-round wrapping feeling of comfort!

I'm sure you don't like the hard and straight back of the chair! The large arc shape of our chair back and the extended sitting depth of 19 inches will bring an all-round feeling of wrapping, make you can lean lazily on it and have a cup of iced tea.

For an Adirondack chair, appropriate back plate can be more comfortable!

103° is one of the ideal angles. With the increase of depth, the high back plate can let the head rest completely on it, which is very comfortable.The flat sitting board has a slight curved design and no obvious bulge.

Even if the chairs look similar in appearance, there are great differences in material.

We use special high-density solid plates, with each plate bearing up to 400lbs and the overall bearing up to 350lbs.

The exquisite annual-rings texture design will give you a real wood experience

Low maintenance

Daily cleaning only requires easy cleaning with soap, water and soft brush. The color fully integrated into the material does not need to be painted as wood every year.

High quality 304 stainless steel accessories keep the chair new outdoors.

We don't want to let go of every small detail. In order to avoid rust, we use the high purity 304 accessories, make the chair look like a new one after many years.